»Real / Irreal«


In the summer of 2023, the “Real / Irreal” exhibition in Munich’s Werksviertel shakes up our usual way of seeing things.

On display are artworks by Betty Mü, including the interactive video installation “TouchScape #01”, which the viewer can directly influence by finger gesture. Through improvisation, abstract forms can thus merge, interact or take on new space. Also on display is the fascinating screen animation “SLITVisions #01” as well as a selection of augmented reality prints from the VORTEX series, which can be brought to life with the help of an app.

The exhibition, which also features works by artists Ronja Berg and Joseph Wandinger, was curated by art expert Dr Sonja Lechner. The show in the former Rhenania Villa is only open to the public with restrictions.


»The projecting power of perception is also embodied in the works of Betty Mü. At first glance, the viewer is confronted with analogue works: Tondi made of printed glass offer varying flower motifs – or are they butterfly wings wafting towards us?

The standstill of the motif seems to imply a continuation and indeed: the artist blurs the boundaries between analogue and digital experience of her œuvre. When the visitor opens the mobile phone app Artivive, the “Vortex” discs come to life: a stream of images immerses the viewer in a reality that creates a parallel universe and yet is located in our reality, since Betty Mü filmed each of her videos by hand and developed them digitally.

A new view, a new perspective is offered: by filmically preserving a state from the flow of time, the artist presents the recording of an objective reality from a subjective point of view, her artistic one, and thus shows the visitor that the transformation of a section of reality into an image is never reproduction, but always interpretation.

Dr. Sonja Lechner


Exhibition »Real / Irreal«
Artists: Betty Mü, Ronja Berg and Joseph Wandinger
Curator: Dr. Sonja Lechner M.A. Art historian, www.dr-sonja-lechner.de/




WTS, Munich