Betty Mü represents the EU in Mexico

Immersive projection in the MUSA Museum

Europe is showing its contemporary artistic side in Mexico with a large-scale exhibition at the MUSA Museum of the Arts at the University of Guadalajara. The ambitious project, which is being presented as part of the Guadalajara International Book Fair and with the European Union as guest of honor, brings together four exhibition sections that reflect a wide variety of contemporary European art.

Betty Mü is represented with a room within the exhibition on immersive digital art, which was curated with great sensitivity by the Italian artist Stefano Fake. Her large-scale projection shows, among other things, images of nature that are broken down into their basic elements and create a unique atmosphere and meditative mood through the interplay of light, color and movement.

In addition to the work of Betty Mü, works by other well-known studios from eight EU countries are also on display.

MUSA-Museum of Arts, Mexico
25. 11. 2023 to 25. 2. 2024
Curator: Stefano Fake


MUSA-Museum / Mexico