Betty Mü for the “Haus der Kunst”

Facade mapping for major charity gala

When it comes to contemporary art, Munich’s “Haus der Kunst” is known to be one of the top addresses in the world. This makes it all the more of an honor for Betty Mü not only to be represented there with her art, but also to be able to actively support the museum in its work.

Betty Mü was previously on show at Haus der Kunst for the euward archive, and in 2022 she was able to illuminate the neoclassical building as part of a benefit gala organized by the “Friends of Haus der Kunst”.

In 2023, the artist donated a private mapping for the new benefit evening, which showed a short retrospective of her abstract works and also offered the opportunity to incorporate their own dreams, ideas and visions in a dialog with her.

The mapping fetched a high price at the auction in aid of the museum. In total, the 2023 charity evening raised a quarter of a million euros.


Haus der Kunst, Munich