50 years of technological ingenuity

The European Patent Office celebrates with two installations

In 1973, fifty years ago, the European Patent Convention (EPC) was signed, which meant that technological ingenuity could finally be placed under the protection of the European Patent Office in Munich in all member states.

Ten years ago, Betty Mü had already accompanied the anniversary celebrations with her artistic work, so it made sense to be part of the festivities again in 2023 with two installations. On the one hand, Betty Mü presented live visuals with a mapping on the ceiling windows, and on the other, a mapping on a glazed wall. On display was a sophisticated collage of technical drawings of patents, historical visuals from the patent office and documentary photographs of patent holders.

In combination with the futuristic ambience of the patent office, this resulted in an all-round convincing overall concept that gave the celebration a worthy setting.


European Patent Office / Munich

Live, Videomapping