• photo by / Miki Kuschel photo by / Miki Kuschel

Aesthetic Beast #2

Surreal art and light installation

The abstract 3D form embeds itself haptically into the HarryKleinClub from the first floor to the second floor via the walls, open space and balcony. The installation is combined with the latest VideoLED technology, video mapping and rhythmic choreography. Sound and vision merge and the spatiality is transformed into an immersive environment. Personal awareness is emphasized through the interplay between physical, digital and mental aspects.

This abstract sculptural work, pulsating in itself, embraces the latest software and hardware technology and arouses curiosity about the potential of future technological processes and new possibilities in VideoKunstForm.

Click here for the making of: https://vimeo.com/bettymue/asthetikbeastmakingof


Harry Klein / Munich

Exhibition, Videomapping